Cheer Deck Fantogame (iOS ; Android)

Description Components

There are 6 types of cards that represent foods which naturally have an expiry date which is represented by the remaining red stamps at the bottom of the 1 stamp one turn card:

The food cards are:

  • Cheese – Value (min 8 max 12) expires after 4 shifts
  • Fruit – Value (min 8 max 16) expires after 3 turns
  • Vegetables – Value (min 6 max 14) expires after 3 shifts
  • Sliced ​​– Value (min 10 max 20) expires after 6 turns
  • Meat – Value (min 10 max 24) expires after 2 turns
  • Fish – Value (min 12 max 30) expires after 2 turns

The knife cards that take the opponent's card: have a type of food described above.

Each card that is drawn from the deck is random.
Each type of card has the same chance of being drawn.
The probability of the knife card is 1 in 10 that a knife will come out.
the value of the food card is random

The system replaces expired cards with others at the end of each turn.
Tools do not expire.
Warning: in the event of grouping 5 knife cards in the same hand, the system will change them all.

The game turn is indicated by a red or green square, it's up to one player and then the other.
Red: it's your opponent's turn,
Green: It's your turn.

In the case of playing against the Computer, the Computer plays immediately, so there is no traffic light.

Game length: 20 rounds.

At each turn the player can:

  • play a food card: taking any card previously played if it is still on the table (also taking its value).
  • use the knife card on the opponent's card (if it is the corresponding food) that he played and is still on the table (taking double its value)

At the end of the turn each player always has 5 cards in their hand each turn.

At the end of the 20 rounds, any card that the player has previously played and is still on the table is given to the player himself (taking its value)

Purpose of the game After 20 rounds, the player with the most points wins.


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